Motivation Monday

Published Date: 8th September 2019

Motivation Monday was written and directed by Gabrielle Silvestre, starring Lucy Buncombe and Maddie White. It was filmed by Liam Jordan Richards and the sound was recorded and mixed by Jack Eyres.

I worked as the producer and editor for Motivation Monday, I worked with Gabrielle to help bring her film to life with finding a crew and helping her plan the shooting. After the filming, I worked closely with her to edit the film to best present her script.

Seriously Nailed

Published Date: 14th February 2019

Seriously Nailed was directed by Jass Somers and Produced by Ben Keeton. It stars Hadrian Le Goff as the handyman and Gabrielle Silvestre as the actress. It was filmed by Michael Bailey and Billy Wright. The sound was recorded and mixed by Jack Eyres. Marina Aparicio was the Art designer, also the crew acted in the film as their roles.

I was the editor for the film and it was a unique and interesting experience, as we only had 48 hours to write, shoot and edit this film. We worked together with some fantastic teamwork, and while I didn't appear on camera I took some fantastic behind the scenes photos. After the shoot, I stayed up all night to make sure I could get the film to the sound mixer before the deadline. I also created the graphics used in the credits.

Alf the Highwayman

Published Date: 20th June 2018

This is a trailer for a local kids show run by Brave Bold Drama, staring Gill Simons and Paul Lawless. This is a regular show that I filmed and edited this trailer for, I worked with Brave Bold Drama planning this trailer. We worked from storyboards and animatics that I created to plan a create a trailer that presented their show the way they wanted.


Published Date: 21st June 2018

This is the music video for Tanya Hazell's song Superficial, The music production was done by Tim Kirby (Angelabs). 

I filmed and edited the video which was an interesting and valuable experience I worked on several different ways of having the faces morph from one to another but we settled on a simple fade based on Tanya Hazell's feedback.

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